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Enough with the stupidity of 1970s unix-style interfaces!

You know in the 90s it was really cool having to spend hours in a text editor to make a website. Kinda like it’s cool to be a coal miner! At first you think it’s amazing exploring the caves beneath the surface, maybe there’s monsters to slay, dinosaur DNA to discover, maybe some sexy women will dig your dirty look. But then you wake up to the reality of lung cancer, toxic fumes, explosive collapses and other catastrophes. And you realize that having to know 30 different web standards, constantly checking out the graphical preview in 5 different browsers, and penetration testing, is simply not the most efficient and fun way to spend your life. You just want to put your content online, not dig for coal! That’s why God invented GUIs so that we can leave behind the unix-like stupidity in the 1970s where it belonged! All hail GUIs! I’m sure many geeks won’t understand my rant, but they are like cocaine addicts, still pushing it…


About blandekic

Started using Linux on a 386sx-16mhz computer, kernel 1.2.3 using the Slackware distribution. Learned how to shell script and network using HOWTOs, setup my first Usenet feed and had a good time. Then for a few years used OS/2. I learned networking and worked for Sprint and UUNET as a technical specialist working with Cisco/Juniper gear for 6 years. Now I'm trying to learn Linux all over again, so much has changed.

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